Why is the Genie GS-1932 our most popular scissor lift?

Why is the Genie GS 1932 Perth’s most popular scissor lift? Safety, efficiency and increased productivity.

Access Rentals customers love the Genie GS 1932 scissor lift thanks to a superior design that adds outstanding manoeuvrability to a reliable, heavy duty lift and improves efficiency on site.  Getting the job done quickly and efficiently while keeping safety as a priority, is a key aim whether you are plastering, painting or installing wiring, and with the Genie lift you can be sure of an efficient operation from transportation to completion. Let’s have a look at why the Genie GS 1932 scissor lift is the go-to scissor lift in Perth.

The Genie GS 1932 has Superb Driving and Steering

25% gradeability ensures safe and easy delivery to site, getting the scissor lift over tough terrain on solid, non-marking tyres. No time is wasted in manoeuvring the lift into place – even in tight spaces or congested work areas, turning and precise steering is possible with a O0 inside turn radius and effortless proportional drive and lift controls. A multidisc hydraulic brake system enables a smooth and precise stop and start function, with a quick brake release and safe auto reset and even at full height you can safely drive the scissor lift into place, increasing production time. The solid non-marking tyres are puncture proof and are ideal for sensitive floors or on a construction site.

The Genie GS 1932 is Easy to get in and out

The Genie scissor lift lets you increase the time spent on the job with easy accessibility, as well as creating a safe work environment.  The hydraulic system provides a fail-safe lowering function for the full safety of your workers, with a one-step emergency down procedure.  Hydraulic brakes allow accurate stopping and starting with an easy brake release to allow instant start up and auto reset for safety.

It’s a Perfect size Platform for a Scissor Lift

The standing platform of the Genie GS 1932 scissor lift has many extra features that enhances capability.  You can rely on Access Rentals to keep all hire equipment well maintained and in top condition and the Genie scissor lift makes this task  pretty straight forward with its durable materials and construction. On the platform of this exceptional scissor lift you will find extension deck rails for a 9m reach, a centred link stack underneath for stability and to provide even weight distribution and a foot pedal that makes extending and retreating the platform a quick and easy operation.

Operating a Genie GS 1932

The on-board diagnostic system carried by the Genie GS-1932 scissor lift removes the need for an  extra analyser as the operator can continually make adjustments as needed, increasing efficiency and time spent on the important task of getting the job done.

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