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Mast Lifts

Mast Lifts

Best for:

  • Painting
  • Interior Decoration
  • Electrical Works
  • Ceiling Plumbing
  • Warehousing and so much more

Low maintenance, energy efficient and environmentally clean, Mast Lifts are lightweight in design and the perfect size for use in freight elevators and tight spaces. Well-suited for increasing productivity on the job, mast lifts are ideal for warehousing, stock-picking, transporting, inventory management and general maintenance.

Offering easy maneuverability in narrow areas and operator-friendly, our range of Mast Lifts are electric and sensitive on surfaces, making them great for indoor use. When you choose from our range of Mast Lifts, you can be guaranteed that you’re improving efficiency, reach and safety while performing general maintenance or any other job at height.

Access Rentals also has a huge range of Manlifts and Material Lifts available for hire.

To hire a Mast Lift today, call our friendly team on 08 9456 4400.

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