The Miraculous Genie Z-34

The Miraculous Genie Z-34 Articulated Boom Lift, available for hire from Access Rentals, Perth, gives you complete control over your reach when working at heights.
The flexible uses of the articulating boom lift can’t be overstated. Instant scaffolding for building and repairs, painting, window installation, concrete panel jointing and patching, cabling and lighting installation and more. The Kubota diesel motor provides excellent torque and power but is quiet and fuel efficient.

The boom lift is relatively easy to use with intuitive controls and attention to safety. The introduction of a motor controller improves the reliability and lends simplicity to the drive system, eliminating the need for forward/reverse contractors and speed sensors. The Genie Z-34 reaches to a height of 12.5m and a horizontal reach of nearly 7 metres giving you the extra length you need for tower and multi-level work.

If you need to trim or remove damaged branches from old and tall trees it makes sense to hire an articulated boom lift from Access Rentals, enabling you to move around the tree without climbing up and down a ladder, increasing safety and decreasing output of time and energy. The enclosed platform is self-leveling and performs a 180° powered horizontal rotation, so you can manipulate yourself into position pretty easily. Hiring an articulated boom lift is as simple as calling Access Rentals on 9456 4400 or going online to their booking page.

House painters will find their jobs a lot easier with the Genie® Z®-34 boom lift to carry them to the exact spot, allowing easy maneuvering around eaves, gutters and window frames and moving safely forward to the next part of the wall.

Obviously, an articulated boom lift is also ideal for all line and telecommunication work and can be easily transported around the site at a 4 kph travel speed and 30% gradeability. Check out the flexible operation of the Genie Z-34 below:

Genie Z-34 Range of Motion
The Genie Z-34 has vertical reach up to 12 metres and and horizontal reach of up to 7 metres

Staff from Access Rentals are waiting to take you call and book in an onsite meeting or an articulated boom lift now. Call 9456 4400 or get a quote online now.