Selling a Genie TZ50 Trailer-Mounted Boom Lift to Cocos Island

Access Rentals sold a Genie TZ50 trailer-mounted boom lift to a client in the Cocos-Keeling Islands, which required General Manager Will Reilly to travel to Cocos Island to complete a handover and training with the local shire operators.

When selling the new Genie TZ50 trailer-mounted cherry picker to the Cocos-Keeling Island Group, the team at Access Rentals were not aware that part of the condition of sale was that a physical hand over and training had to be completed on the Island itself.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift in the Cocos Islands

There are only 2 flights a week from Perth to Cocos Island, on a Tuesday and Friday, which stop over via Christmas Island. Truth be told, Will and Beau Reilly didn’t even know where Cocos Islands were, and after “Google-mapping” they realised it was actually closer to Sri Lanka than Australia. Access Rentals Area Manager Beau Reilly sold the unit to the Shire of Cocos Island, yet his father Will offered to travel on his behalf to conduct training with a group of local operators.

As a remote island, there were some logistical issues in transporting the boom lift to Cocos Island. There is only one ship every 6 weeks that departs from Fremantle, with the weather playing a part in getting the Genie boom lift onto the barge at the other end and to get it off into the Lagoon so that it could be unloaded by crane onto the wharf. Due to some issues from the manufacturer delaying the arrival of the machine to Perth, the process from purchase order to handover and training took almost 5 months.

The team from the Cocos Island shire were very welcoming and accommodating from the moment Will Reilly landed on the island, meeting him at the airport and arranging transfers. Training began at 7am with six Cocos Malay locals ready to learn how to operate the Genie TZ50 trailer-mounted boom lift. Many times during the training sessions, the trained operators would elevate up towards a coconut tree to cut off some fresh coconuts for everyone to drink.

The Cocos Island shire had brought the machine to cut down coconuts that were around public areas, as they can cause a lot of damage when they fall, weighing up to 5 kilos and having been known to destroy hire cars and cause significant damage. The articulating boom is ideal for the operators to reach up and over, with a maximum working height of 17 metres, to make the areas safe for the public to occupy.

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