Making Massive Art Pieces Happen in Fremantle

An optical illusion of epic proportions has been completed in Fremantle, WA. What appears to be jagged yellow lines from almost any perspective suddenly becomes clear at the foot of Fremantle’s Roundhouse. Stretching down Fremantle’s High Street from the Roundhouse to the tower of the town hall is a series of yellow adhesive strips. However when viewed from the foot of the Roundhouse a series of 12 arcs form an ellipse.

Arcs d’Ellipses is an 800 metre long artwork by Swiss artist, Felice Varini. Known for his gigantic art works, Felice’s works have been displayed in France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan.

When working at heights as was required for this colossal undertaking, Access Rentals supplied a Genie Z-34 and Z-45 articulating boom lifts and a Genie S-125 telescopic boom lift and partnered with High Tide, the biennial Fremantle art festival to get the job done. With the speed and power of these boom lifts, the entire project was completed in just one month.

Original article and images courtesy of Hide Tide Fremantle