Increase Your Productivity With A Genie GS 4047 Scissor Lift

Here at Access Rentals, we are a major supplier and leader in the Australia access equipment rental and sale industry, offering an extensive range of equipment including a vast selection of scissor lifts. Our equipment offer the performance and versatility to carry out many job operations and boost worksite productivity, where our clients can expect our equipment to be safe and reliable while working at heights. Our Genie GS 4047 is one of the most popular scissor lifts within our fleet, for many reasons as discussed below.

Genie Scissor Lifts

There is no doubt that our access equipment provide the safest and most efficient way of working at heights for operators.With the ability to be used in a range of industries including construction and maintenance fields, the Genie GS 4047 produces little to no noise while in operation, therefore it is ideal for night or suburban projects. As an electric scissor lift, it produces little emissions while being maneuverable in tight spaces. It is designed to work in all different types of environments both indoor and outdoor suitable.

Genie GS-4047 Self-Propelled Scissor Lifts – Ease of operation

Relevant to all Genie products, the Genie GS-4047 is very accessible and offers a complete ease of operation. They have dual front wheel drive with a Smart Link control system featuring joystick, 2 lift speeds & 2 selectable proportional drive speeds with user-friendly diagnostics. These scissor lifts have many features including platform work lights and 240 V power to the platform that assist in usability.

Genie GS 4047

Genie GS-4047 Jobsite Performance

Reliability and efficiency are our main focuses for access equipment. Our company have the very powerful Genie GS-4047 Scissor Lifts for hire. Our self-propelled scissor lifts have rear wheel multiple disc brakes, front wheel hydraulic dynamic braking and manual brake release. Fitted with solid, non-marking tyres, the scissor is designed for both indoor and outdoor operations.

Genie GS-4047 Scissor Lift Safety Features

These scissor lifts can reach up to 13.7 metres high, however they are designed to be very safe with folding guardrails and a full height swing gate. The Genie GS-4047 scissor lifts have emergency stops at both platform and guard controls in case of emergency. The scissor lift trays are swing-out component trays with pothole guards. It has full safety features including lanyard attachment points, alarm, certified load sensor, dual flashing beacons and a motion alarm.

Our Genie GS-4047 also has a tilt level sensor with an audible alarm.

Genie GS-4047 Weight

This Genie 4047 weighs 3222 kg/7103 Ibs – this weight will vary depending on options and/or country standards. Due to the Genie GS 4047’s weight, this means that it has the capacity to safely lift up to 350 kg/770 Ibs which is ideal for all types of industry and construction work. Access Rentals internal transportation division can assist with all your transportation needs.

Genie GS-4047 Productivity

At 2.26 x 1.15 m (7 ft 5 in x 3 ft 9.3 in), this scissor lift for hire has a very large platform with an extension deck of 0.91 m (3 ft). It also has a manual platform lowering valve which allows you lower in complete safety when the job is completed.

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