Access Rentals Now Stock Genie SX-150 and SX-180 For Sale

Another ground breaking addition to the Access Rental fleet is the new Genie SX-150 and SX-180 boom lifts which have just recently been introduced to Australia. These newly released Genie machines are ready and available for purchase direct from Access Rentals.

With exceptional vertical reach (48 and 56 meters respectively), these telescopic booms are the perfect access solution across a broad range of industries including construction, maintenance, telecommunications, gas and oil refineries, chemical maintenance, and large utility applications.

The four programmable height settings of the Genie SX-150 and SX-180 boom lifts provide maximum flexibility while the commanding 55kw power plant enables full extension in just 3 minutes. Designed with economic maintainability in mind, they have been customised in such a way that the necessary components and systems are easily accessible to use for servicing, maintenance or repair works.

The new Genie SX 180 extends to 56 meters at full extension.

Access Rentals is fully equipped with a full functioning service and repair department and is able to provide all future servicing requirements as well as providing a 5 year structural warrantee.

The Genie SX-150 and SX-180 boom lifts boast an advanced chassis design that has proven success on previous booms. The impressive patented XChassis system extends and retracts the wheel axle which eliminates the need for outriggers and allows the booms to have extraordinary stability while extended. This one of a kind system also allows transportation on a standard width trailer – minimizing transport costs and maximising productivity.

These machines represent a huge leap forward for the industry and highlights Access Rentals’ commitment to providing cutting edge products for our customers. For more information or a quote please contact us.